I really don’t want klaine to get back together in the last five minutes of the season finale, like how are we supposed to know it’d work out?

And that’s without all the character damage the storyline will cause.

I also don’t want that because I don’t want a quick five minutes of happiness and a season full of angst that makes me want to tear my eyes out.

I want fluff, I want klaine to be the klaine I know and love, not people who only go back to each other after hurting the fuck out of each other.

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Hahahaha fuck you. They should focus on BOTH. If first-world sexism and racism aren't crushed with a steamroller, then the first world isn't exactly going to be able to help deal with sexism elsewhere.


If first world feminism is male tears and mansplaining, then God help you lot because you would be the most entitled fucks ever.

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Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum



BACK IN STOCK: These cute cat self defense keychains are not toys, but are in fact a very serious defense weapon.

And don’t forget to use coupon code ‘SHIPFREE’ to get FREE SHIPPING on any domestic order! Hurry and order now!


I have one of these (except mine is metal and a different brand), and I’ve fortunately never had to use it.

I do, however, know the proper way to do so. 

The person in the picture is using it incorrectly. You want it to be on your middle and ring fingers, not your middle and index fingers.

Your aim will be better, and you can pack more strength behind your punch. There’s also less of a chance of breaking a bone this way.

Stay safe, lovelies.

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Old man: It's dangerous to go alone, take this. *hands you sword*
tumblr Link: don't give me a weapon to protect myself, teach the enemies not to attack me!
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What does any of this have to do with sex positivity, I don’t understand

The fuck is this shit

It’s a goddam cartoon for children about talking babies and half the humour comes from malapropism 

Also that line of thinking from Charlotte is why she and her husband her daughter is a materialistic, selfish, sadistic, insecure, entitled little brat who has no idea how to relate to her parents, has no appreciation for anything she has and has no idea how to make a friend or be one

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» I told my boyfriend I was bi last night…


His response was “so you’re down with that three some we talked about earlier?”

And you know what I did? I laughed and said “only if you agree to have one with another dude too.”

And he said “sure”

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What does any of this have to do with sex positivity, I don’t understand

Charlotte Pickles was kind of a mean-spirited bitch though why do feminists worship her? I mean, I like a hard-assed girl myself but she was just straight up mean O.o

Exactly: she had no idea how to relate to her husband or her child, and spent more time ranting on the phone to Jonathan then she did talking to either of her children, and she overcompensated for her guilt in not being able to be there for her daughter by showering her with more toys, dresses and sweets then a child could ever need and her daughter grew up to be a selfish brat who despite tormenting others for her own amusement, was actually lonely due to constantly alienating children who could have been her friends due to her shitty attitude and behaviour and the only one really willing to put up with her was Suzie, a child more impossibly saintlike then any three year old has any right to be 

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No llores bebé humano te traeré más juguetes

"HERE TAKE IT BACK THEN" *continues to suffocate baby with toy*


Another call-out post, but this time it’s not related to me. Happen to be scrollin’ around the truscum tag when I found this stuff. I have no knowledge of the above blogs but telling someone to commit suicide is not okay in any situation.


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why’d we have to color so much in school.  it didnt teach us anything.  is “staying in the lines” a subconscious metaphor for not revolting against the bourgeoisie

Are you Enjolras?